Disclaimer  These lists are unofficial, they are not in any way condoned or supported by Windstone Editions. They are taken directly from personal accounts that were encountered of good or bad business practices, and have nothing to do with  Windstone Editions whatsoever, nor with ebay. This is an initiative to keep these lists up-to-date for forum members, old and new, in order to avoid scammers or simply to find out who are good sellers/buyers. The lists are maintained by drag0nfreathers, while I host them. These lists are a compilation of objective accounts, nothing more, nothing less. No names will be added without reason, either good or bad. If you want a name added, you must provide details - this goes for both lists. For negative feedback, we will need some sort of proof that the deal went sour. If you do see a negative comment about yourself, you can contest it with proof also. This is meant to be fair and objective. We will not divulge who asked to have the names posted, but any detail will probably allow the person named to figure out who made the request. We will not be held responsible for any action/communication resulting from any name or comment posted here. These are factual lists and must not be seen as anything else. We do not judge, we do not investigate, we simply sort through all the information and add an objective comment - though for positive feedback, we tend to include the comments verbatim Remember that we all end up having good and bad dealings at one point - these lists are meant to help, they are not set in stone. In fact, a sale/trade with a member who has a huge amount of good feedback can end up being the worst transaction you make and vice versa. It's up to you decide what to make of the feedback when you sell, trade or buy - not us or anyone else!  The following lists are included in a PDF format: a positive feedback list, a negative feedback list, a neutral feedback list and a commissions list for people who wish to get references before commissioning an artist. If you want to add a comment on any of the lists, send a PM to drag0nfeathers. She will be handling the updates, while I host the documents. Do NOT contact me.  Dragonmedley  Last update: November 19, 2022 Positive feedback Negative feedback Commissions list Neutral feedback